Corpus Christi Covid Supplies

3D Printed Masks & Face Shields

We are proud to have donated almost 3,000 pieces of PPE and fulfilling every first responder request. We are now making masks & face shields available to the general public.

3D Printed Masks



Use hot glue to glue a rubber seal slightly above the edge of the mask. Please check the glue rim on the gasket to make sure there are no air holes and fill as necessary.


Use a heat gun or hairdryer to heat the edges of the mask and mold it to fit your face shape properly. When you blow out while wearing the mask, no air should be felt coming out of the sides of the mask.


Attached the elastic at a desired length.


Cut the HEPA filters into 2.5″ squares and insert them INSIDE the mask. Snap the 3D printer filter insert on the INSIDE of the mask behind the filter firmly. Read more about the filters here.


The entire mask is made from plastic and rubber so it can be sanitized and reused over and over. Please take care in properly cleaning your mask as needed.

It is your responsibility to do proper fit testing on every mask. Use these masks at your own risk. Thank you & stay safe!

Watch our how to video here.

All PPE is used at your own risk.